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Setting up a free website for business

Why do I need a hosting company?

It may sound like a rather simple question, but for the less technically minded of us it’s actually a valid one. Web hosting has been in existence pretty much since the explosion of the internet and has rapidly grown as an industry in its own right in recent years. In essence, web hosting is the renting of space on a web server for your website to be stored on. So why can’t you do this yourself with your own server? Why do we have to pay a middleman to host our own sites?

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A web server basically does its job by being connected to the internet all the time. For security reasons, this means they will usually be stored in secure surroundings and in a climate controlled environment to receive the best possible performance. When you sign up with a host provider, as well as paying for this set up, you will also be paying for specialist software and their technical expertise, which comes at an unrealistic cost for most website owners.

This all points to the simple answer that it’s much easier to let your host provider bother with all the above particulars than having to worry about it yourself. The cost of a yearly subscription to a host provider is at an all time low and whether you are an individual or a business the benefits clearly outweigh the cost.

We hope this helps all you budding website owners out there and may have even convinced a few of you to take the big step to setting up your own site. Good luck!

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