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Setting up a simple website

Pildiotsingu domain tulemus

Can your business website have an impact on your business positioning, branding and marketing? Yes, absolutely!

It has happened with you, as it has happened with most of us, that there is that perfect brand name in your mind for your business but when you search for it to register a website, you get the message, ‘That domain name has already been taken!’ It can be quite disappointing and as a result, you’d have to settle for domain names with hyphens, too many characters or numbers, wrong spellings, meaningless word fillers, etc.

The problems with choosing a long and complicated domain name are:

  • Your website name will become your identity and address on the Internet. You want it to look promising and polished
  • You need the website name to be memorable and easy to find
  • Your website address should be an extension of your brand positioning
  • Your customers should be able to understand your website name clearly
  • In the long run, you’d prefer to have a domain name that is keyword rich

The good news is that you don’t need to choose a complicated domain name for your brand. You have a simplified solution because of the availability of 1200+ new domain extensions such as:


Thus, instead of settling for a mediocre name, you can utilise the massive opportunity and be disruptive with your branding and positioning right from the start.

Let’s say you have a ‘food tech’ business in Portugal. Wouldn’t it be great if you get the exact match domain name in the localised language? So, going with the Portuguese word ‘comida’ for ‘food’ and combining it with a new domain extensions, such as .TECH, a food app business got ‘’ — a one word, meaningful domain name that describes who you are.

What are new domain extensions?

Some of the most popular domain extensions are .COM, .ORG, .GOV, .EDU. Technically, all of these extensions are similar but each of them mean something different linguistically. So, .COM means ‘commercial’, .ORG means ‘organization’, and so on. Since 2012, many new domain extensions have been introduced and today we have over 1200 of them. So, you can be sure that there’s one that’s most relevant for your industry. Some of these extensions include .TECH (technology, startups), .STORE (eCommerce), .FUN (media and entertainment), .PRESS (news), .SPACE (outer space), .HOST (Internet hosting), etc.

The most obvious benefit of these domain extensions is that they add a layer of meaning to your website and brand positioning. Some of the most popular brands use new domain extensions to brand their specific initiatives. For instance, Cisco has for its innovation and research lab and Google My Business uses as a subdomain for all the small businesses that are registered on it.

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